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Commands Used by Braveheart Kennels

  • Sit
  • To have dog sit with good posture, not on side of rump.
  • Heel
  • To have dog at left side head at knee.
  • Stay
  • Not to move from position when command was given.
  • No
  • Stop what your doing now.
  • Here
  • To call to your side.
  • Lay down
  • To lie down.
  • Hunt um up
  • Release command to find birds.
  • Find em Dead
  • To look for a dead or wounded bird.
  • Birds in here
  • Used when asking dog to hunt a particular spot of cover.
  • Fetch it up
  • To pick up or retrieve a bumper or a bird.
  • Dogs Name
  • Release from heel to retrieve, and other releases.
  • Back
  • To go back further. Or release to blind retrieve.
  • Over
  • To go to the left or right.
  • Hold
  • To hold bumper or bird in mouth until told to do otherwise.
  • Give
  • To release bird or bumper from mouth to hand.
  • Kennel
  • To go into crate, kennel, car, blind, or anything.
  • Mark
  • To have dog look at falling bird or bumper location.
  • Whoa
  • To freeze on Point.
  • Hold
  • To hold in mouth until asked to release.

    Whistle Commands for Retrievers

  • One long blast.
  • Sit.
  • Series of short blasts.
  • Here.
  • Quiet tweets.
  • You're near the bird start using your nose.

    Whistle Commands for Pointers

  • Series of short blasts.
  • Here.
  • One short blast.
  • Change Direction.