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Photo Gallery

Texas Training Trip Update - 2/22/2008

On our way to Texas we stoped in Southern Va to a field trial where Lady Easy Braveheart took 2nd place in "Open All Age" and won first place "Open Limited Gun Dog".  Our little Vizsla needs one more point for her field championship.  Horses Dogs Birds and friends with a side of competition, what great fun!

Click on a thumbnail to see a larger photo.

Texas Training Trip Update - 2/15/2008

All  dogs are happy and healthy.  Some of the dogs are having a hard time with all the prickly thorns but they are all learning to pay attention to where they step.  Quail are good not great.  About 4-6 coveys per morning hunt.  Coveys range from 8 to 40 birds.  The line of sight from me to the pups are awesome and it has been fun watching them learn to handle wild birds.  If they hold their point till I get there I shoot a bird for them if they bump the birds I do not shoot and place them back on the spot of their point.  In the mid day I do yard work and in the evening I hunt with one dog and the rest get conditioning runs.  We have water and electric.  Morning temps around 35-40 and afternoon temps about 55-75.  It is extremely dry as there has not been rain since November.  Water and feeder systems keep the birds here. We will have pics of the dogs on point when my wife arrives to help me with camera right now I have my hands full with dogs birds and gun  Rain is in the forecast for today I hope it rains it will help the dogs sent much better.  Check back next week for update

Below are some photos of the Texas training trip taken February 2008. Click on a thumbnail to see a larger photo.